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Technical Data

Technical Data, Lake Forest, CA

Step 1
We begin by removing existing broken concrete, asphalt or brick and excavate the remaining soil down to 7 ?" below existing or modified elevation.

Step 2
Should any utility lines need replacement, inspection, modification, or re-routing; addressing is made at this stage for proper depth, engineering and improvements.

Step 3
We import a 4-inch layer of crushed aggregate materials, level and compact solid yet remains and performs as a flexible foundation base.

Step 4
We mortar in place a paver edge to prevent any lateral and horizontal movements as well as prevent any sand and base materials to erode and undermine.

Step 5
We place a 1" sand layer, which will cushion and lock pavers for lateral movement.

Step 6
Individual Paving Stones are hand laid in the desired pattern to suit design and style and then cut to fit.

Step 7
We plate vibrate the stones twice while filling dry sand into joints - to permanently lock pavers in place.

This completes the Interlocking Concrete Paver Process that will perform far better than any other paving system on the market!