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Pool Deck Pavers

Pool Deck Paver Services, San Juan Capistrano, CA

San Juan Capistrano, CA, is known for its abundance of beautiful homes, including swimming pools. The poolscape, as the scene for relaxation and entertainment, requires careful preparation and design. Additionally, it is crucial to cover these areas with premium pool deck pavers.

When it comes to interlocking door systems, Bestone Interlock is unrivaled. We have installed countless pool deck pavers for satisfied customers in the area. Regarding hardscape layout and planning, we've got you covered, and our paver installation services are unmatched in quality and price.

Why Are Pavers an Excellent Option for Poolscapes?

In addition to offering a wide selection of custom-made designs, we only use high-quality pavers for your pool deck. Over the years, we have honed our expertise in this field and developed the ability to create unique paver installations for each customer. We can assist you with installing pavers around your new pool or replacing existing surfaces.

We'll put in the time and effort required to fully understand your requirements before presenting solutions. Because of the high levels of water and foot traffic in pool areas, durable, slip-resistant materials that are also comfortable on the feet are a must. Paving stones made of travertine are ideal for these kinds of uses. Despite offering first-rate quality, our pool deck pavers are still highly cost-effective.

The Benefits of Pool Deck Paving

We can also install additional features in your outdoor areas, such as a fireplace, raised seating walls, and planter boxes, while we work on your pool deck pavers. Paving your pool deck is a good idea for several reasons, including:

  • Strength - We only use premium pool deck paving materials, so you can rest assured they will hold up under the elements and heavy foot traffic.

  • Durability - Pavers for pool decks are not only sturdy, but they also last for quite some time. Our cutting-edge methods of surface installation guarantee their durability for years to come.

  • Low Maintenance - These days, most people don't have the luxury of devoting a significant portion of their weekend to yard work because they have demanding careers and families. Pool decks of travertine, concrete, or clay brick require almost no upkeep. Maintaining a regular coating schedule and sealing will make these surfaces resistant to stains and scratches and withstand wear and tear.

  • Cost-Effective - Despite their superior quality, these materials are surprisingly affordable. The pavers are easy to set up and maintain, giving you a good return on your investment.

  • Non-Slip Surfaces - The pavers can be installed anywhere, but they are beneficial around pools because of their slip-resistant surfaces and the variety of textures available.

  • Easy Repairs - Paver stones are installed as individual pieces, enabling installers to fix any accidental damage quickly. We will swap out any broken pieces and realign the whole surface to make sure everything is level and set correctly.

For more information on our pool deck pavers, get in touch with Bestone Interlock via this Online Form, or give us a call at 949-728-3010, and we will get back to you right away.